1,500W Hybrid Inverter

The 1,500W Hybrid Inverter is a great companion to have with you on your next road trip. The hybrid inverter packs a wide range of functions that would help your next trip go much more smoothly.
There are 2 outlet ports that can be used simultaneously and because the inverter uses Pure Sine Wave current, you can run motor-run appliances without a hiccup.

Running out of juice in the middle of nowhere? They Hybrid inverters got you. The Hybrid inverter comes with a variety of ways to charge and output electricity.
Recharge by either an outlet or solar, you can keep your battery setup charged up constantly by hooking up your solar panels to the inverter or when you have an outlet available, use the outlet to charge up your batteries OR both!
When using electricity, you have the choice of either using AC first or DC first.
AC first:
This will use the grid’s electricity first and if there is a cut, the inverter will automatically switch to using the stored battery power.
DC first:
When using battery power first, once the battery runs low and the solar panels are no longer able to sustain the load output, the inverter will switch to using the grid’s electricity as a power cut preventative.
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