Automaxx 1500W
pure sine power inverter

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With our free app and Bluetooth connection, you can control and monitor the inverter on your smartphone from up to 50ft (15m) away.

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Below are the 3 interfaces (Overview, Input and Output) and the features we provide in our app.


  1. Remote ON/OFF switch for your inverter
  2. Option to choose to have DC as priority or AC priority supply of power
  3. Status of the voltage, frequency and wattage the inverter is currently supplying to the load.
  4. Red light status of which modes are currently in use and activated.
  5. How much ampere the power outlet is supplying and how much ampere the solar panel (green energy) is supplying to the battery or inverter.
  6. The status of the battery


  1. (Top half) Shows you the voltage, frequency and wattage that the power outlet is supplying to your battery or inverter
  2. (Bottom half) Shows you the voltage, frequency and wattage that the solar panel (green energy) is supplying to your battery or inverter


  1. The output interface shows you the status of the load that is plugged into the inverter and provides information such as wattage, voltage, frequency and the ampere
  2. There is a timer function that can automatically switch the inverter off once the time you set has run out

Shipping from Taiwan 
We ship all our products directly from our factory in Taiwan to our clients.
– Assurance that our products are made from Taiwan
– With no middle man distribution company, you save money on our products.
– Shipping directly from our factory warehouse to your front door helps us ensure that no 3rd party company is involved and reduces the risk of damaged items or having items missing.
– We can ensure that you get our authentic product and not get a cheap knock off.
– We can ship you products that is freshly manufactured and you can rest assure that the product is quality controlled recently.
– All our shipments come with a tracking number so that you can track your package online.
– We will provide inspection photo of your order.


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