6 Important things to know about wind turbines

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1) Residential wind turbines provide clean, renewable energy to individual homes.
Automaxx wind turbines convert wind energy into usable electricity. The wind turns the blades of the turbine to power a rotor, which spins a small generator in the product. As the generator runs, it produces energy. The wind turbine connects to a battery via a charge controller that regulates the electricity produced by the wind turbine into the battery. The battery stores the wind energy for later use when there’s no wind. You may purchase more battery to store even more energy.
Home wind turbines are much smaller than commercial turbines and produce less energy. However, they are convenient for generating clean, renewable energy to power homes, RVs, campers, and boats.

2) The average annual wind speed and prevailing direction are key factors for determining site viability.
Automaxx wind turbines have a low cut-in wind speed making it easier to start generating electricity at lower wind speeds.
The direction of the wind matters as well since it will affect the energy output of the turbine. Automaxx wind turbines have a directional tail that turns the wind turbine to face into the wind to get the maximum electricity generation.

3) Local terrain and nearby structures can affect wind resources.
It’s essential to evaluate any structures or geographic obstacles that could affect the amount of wind that reaches a turbine. Outdoor elements that can block the wind include your home and any outdoor structures surrounding the home, such as garages, barns, sheds, and other outbuildings. Natural obstructions, such as trees and rock formations, also can impact wind resources.
Automaxx suggest that our wind turbines be erected as far as possible from obstacles or higher than the obstacles to ensure they product maximum power from adequate wind speeds

4) Zoning ordinances can restrict wind turbines for home use.
When considering Automaxx wind turbines but you live in a neighborhood with an HOA or zoning regulations, it’s essential to check their requirements before investing in a wind turbine.

5) Green energy can be unpredictable
When it comes to green energy, mother nature is very unpredictable. This is why at Automaxx we always recommend setting up a dual system of green energy system both solar and wind.
The simple reason for this is that solar can only generate electricity when there is sun available. Wind can only generate electricity when wind is available. During night times, cloudy or rainy days wind tends to pick up much more and can continue to generate electricity even when there is no sun (hybrid system)

6) Can help reduce utility bills and provide backup power during outages.
Once installed and set up, they require little to no maintenance and would continue to generate electricity. Especially during these times of energy crisis, having an alternative power backup source is always helpful.

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