Are home wind turbines worth it?

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Key Considerations

Assessing whether installing a wind turbine system is worth it involves taking into account a wide range of factors. 

  • Wind speeds: If the area you are installing the wind turbine receives sufficient clean wind throughout the year.
  • Wind turbine: Depends on how big your wind turbine is compared to your home usage.
  • Solar systems: Automaxx wind turbines can be connected in conjunction with solar panels to provide a hybrid system for the user.
  • Government grants: Some governments in different areas offer subsidies for wind turbine installations
  • Remote areas: Usually its very to have the government install the grid to remote areas, hencing having different off grid systems such as wind turbines would be more affordable.
  • Black out: In area’s that have unstable grid electricity, alternative power generator source such as wind turbines is a great alternative in those areas.

When asking the question “Are home wind turbines worth it?” depends heavily on the individual user and their electricity usage and circumstances. In general, wind turbines are a long term investment and would reduce your electric bills.

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