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Our Turbine’s MPPT charge controller applies the brakes and halts the operation to reduce the risk of damage due to overcharge and over-spin of the rotor blades.

Our wind turbine is designed to operate in most climatic conditions. Should you expect or experience winds of 110 MPH upwards, please manually activate the brake. Once the Turbine has stopped it is possible to lay down the tower to offer further protection.

Yes, our wind turbine can rebalance itself according the blowing wind and can rotate 360 degrees.

Our wind turbine come with multi stage protection one is manual brake (App controlled brakes, only for Bluetooth version) and has in-build Mosfet inside the MPPT charge controller that acts as an auto current breaker.

All of our wind turbines are designed such that they can be used as single stand-alone units or can be conjugated with other off-grid solar/ wind turbine units.

Our wind turbines are stand-alone unit and it comes with all necessary accessories that will be required which are a Digital & Smart MPPT charge controller and a Manual braking system for double layer protection. Just you need a battery pack (that suits your need/ available in your region) to store the energy generated and an installation pole/ mast.

Yes, visit our shop page or click here for our spare parts.

Wind turbine efficiency changes with wind speed, so the production depends on the weather condition and wind speed in your area.

The installation of wind turbines depends on your city and region area’s rules and regulations, we suggest contacting your region’s representative and getting more information from them directly for more accurate laws in your area. 1 bedroom is a bit ambiguous and not enough information to determine how many wind turbines you would need. We suggest calculating the wattage you need per day first and get back to us.

If there is significant wind available in your area our wind turbine can start generating electricity to charge a battery bank system. Through the battery bank system you can connect one of our Hybrid Inverters to power your pond aeration pump system.

 It might occur under high wind speed when the blades bend toward and hit your pole.

There are three possible reasons that your blades wear down so quickly:

  1. The pole size you are using is too thick
  2. The flange is too close to your wind turbine blades
  3. Or the guy wire is too close to your blades

It depends on the wind condition in your residential area. In general, if the wind speed is above 8 mph on average, and you use a 1500W unit, it will be good enough to run your household electricity.

Automaxx Wind Turbine is suitable for off-grid systems to charge the battery. However, if you still would like to use it in grid tie, we will suggest connecting it to a grid tie inverter.


Your wind turbine is designed to make mounting as simple and straightforward as possible. Should you not wish to purchase the custom tower kit feel free to utilize schedule 48.3 mm steel tubing. This should be available through your local hardware outlet. Regarding the location of wind turbine installation, check our user manual available on the product page.

Yes, you can install them using the proper size mast or our rooftop pole kit. But do remember that it will cause slight noise and vibration and may affect you/ your neighbor’s sleep, especially for some sensitive people and animals.

We recommend using a galvanized pole/ steel mast, 48.3 mm diameter & thickness of 1.9 mm at least, strong enough to hold the unit in place without vibration/ shaking. Recommend a height of 7-10 meters from the surface, but that also depends on the average wind speed in your area and can be adjusted accordingly.

Marine & Yachts Installation

Yes, all our wind turbines are coated with an all-weather protecting coating to operate and withstand out there. We would like to recommend to you our 400W & 600W wind turbines which are designed for land and marine purposes due to their small and compact size. Many of our customers have also installed it on their yachts and small boats.

Wiring and Battery Pack

Reverse polarity will cause damage to your battery if not quickly remedied. Always double-check any wiring to reduce the risk of reverse polarity. Your turbine is equipped with polarity protection to reduce the risk of damage, but it is still possible to degrade your wiring and cause damage to the overall system.

No, the wind turbine is designed to be short-circuited as a normal shutdown procedure by a fuse. The function of the stop switch is to disconnect the turbine from the batteries as well as short-circuit the output of the turbine.

There are multiple battery options in today’s market, you can choose any battery pack available/convenient for you such as Lead-Acid, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), Gel Cell, Lithium-ions, and NiCad. But we recommend using at least 200Amp-Hr and above capacity battery pack to store all the energy generated by the wind turbine.

Our recommendation is 10-25 meters that including the pole height.

We always recommend that #8 AWG be used between the turbine and the MPPT for optimal performance. Always use the largest gauge wires that are practical and affordable.

The new battery pack or below 3 years should be good. If the performance isn’t satisfactory, contact your local electrician for assistance.

Hybrid System Compatability

Yes, of course you can. All of our wind turbines are designed such that they can be used as single stand-alone units or can be conjugated with other solar/ wind turbine units. Connecting both systems to the same battery pack is as same as connecting them to a separate pack, but they should have a separate charge controller. Sometimes, on a sunny day, overcharge protection may appear, as to protect the battery which is pretty common in a hybrid system case.


To avoid such errors please use a larger battery b pack which is sufficient to store the total energy generated by both units.

MPPT reading

“V” represents the voltage and it depends on the available voltage of the battery pack. Don’t connect two turbines or solar panels with a small size battery pack, as it can show PR3 error code (Over charge protection) and enables brakes to the turbine.

“I” represents the current produced by the turbine at that very moment and it’s always fluctuating in nature. If the wind speed is below the cut-in speed, it can read out as 0 also.

Blinking “I” and “V” together represents the accumulated power KWH.

Operation & Power Generation

You can use the hook amps meter to take the reading from the controllers.

Our wind turbine comes with multilevel protection and it cut off generation power if any of the situations occur for safety reasons,

  1. When the battery is fully charged, more than 95% automatic brakes kick in, for overcharge protection.
  2.  When the wind speed is above 35mph, wind gust protection activates.
  3.  When the unit gets overheats.
  4.  Manual/ App brakes are activated.

Please check the below points,

  1. Manual and App brake are disengaged.
  2. Wiring from the wind turbine till the battery pack is well connected.
  3. The battery is having some charge and is not dead.
  4. The battery is not fully charged, less than 95%.
  5. No mechanical noise, if yes apply brakes and contact us immediately.

Calculate Power Output

Accumulated power = power generated * running time * 0.4 (as winds are fluctuating and not available 24 hrs. above cut-in speed).

Bluetooth App

Scan the QR code available in your user manual or visit.

Follow the below simple steps,

  1.  First, turn ON the phone/ device’s Bluetooth. (No need to enter the device Bluetooth setting for pairing the wind turbine).
  2.  Open the wind turbine App and the wind turbine available within the range will show.

 Tap on the wind turbine you want to connect.

First make sure that you’re having the latest version of the App installed and you’re within the 5-8 m range of the unit. And of course, your wind turbine supports Bluetooth.

Our wind turbine can be connected to only one device at a time. Please turn off the connected deceive Bluetooth and search again on the new device.

Educational Discount

You can follow the steps to avail of a 15% Educational/ student discount on our Green Energy products

  1. Send us your enrollment Student ID (Front and Back), You should be enrolled in the current semester.
  2. Share your story (How this product is going to help/ contribute to your study/ research) 
  3. Share the on-site pictures and video during the installment of the unit.
  4. Please use your institutional email (ends with .edu) to share the information mentioned above.

 Student discount is a two-step process:

  1. After verification of the documents shared, we will provide you a 10% discount code, especially for you.
  2. After installation of the unit, share on-site images and video and get 5% cashback.

 ** Student discount is limited to one order per student/ Faculty, so please order the total unit required at once.

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