Automaxx 1500W Power Station


Go Green, Live Green
✅ Easy DIY Installation
✅ AC/ DC Priority Modes
✅ AC Utility Compatibility
✅ Built-in Intelligent UPS System
✅ APP Monitoring & Control
✅ Built-in MPPT & Hybrid Inverter
✅ Multiple Protection Levels

Why Use Our Power Station
Our power station has been specially designed to handle a hybrid power situation. It can draw power from solar panels as well as wind turbines to supply you with the combined power. If the generated power is insufficient, the power station allows you to charge the power station via an AC Outlet directly. The outlet of the power station is serge protected, in case there is a short at one of the input ports the connected devices to the Power Station are protected.
The Power Station gives you control of the power flow going to your Power Station. The default setting on the Power Station is to only charge from the Green Energy devices. If the green energy is not producing enough power in the limited time you need there is an option for you to charge the device directly from an AC outlet. There is a Voltage meter and an Ampere meter to show the status of the power bank.

How To Use Our Power Station
The Power Station is easy to install on your green energy devices and even easier to operate and control once installed properly. All the information on how to install and operate the Power Station is in our clearly stated instruction manual.
There is a breaker switch for your Wind Turbine on the Power Station, for your convenience not to run to the wind turbine to manually put on the braking switch.

Where Can Our Power Station Be Used
The Power Station can connect up to 3 solar panels, a wind turbine, and an AC input to power up the Power Station.
The Power Station can be situated in areas near where your green energy power equipment is for them to be charged and used. Since the Power Station is movable, once the Power Station is charged you can move it to an area where you need electricity to be supplied.

1 x On / Off Switch
1 x Circuit Breaker
2 x AC Output
1 x Remote Port
1 x External Additional Battery Connection
3 x Positive & Negative Connections for Solar Panels
1 x RST Connection to Wind Turbine
1 x AC Input Connection
1 x Display Screen
1 x Manual Brake Switch for Wind Turbine
Model Number: BOX-1500
Dimension: 388 x 217 x 170 mm
Weight: 26 kg
Max. Continuous Power: 1500W
Surge Power: 3000W
Wave Form: Pure Sine Wave
DC Input Voltage​: 12V (10.5~15V)/ 24V (21~30V)
AC Output: 110V / 220V
Efficiency: Up to ≧90%




Low Battery Shutdown

Input Overload Voltage

Temperature Overload

Short Circuit Shutdown

Soft-Start System: Yes
Remote Control: Yes (Optional)
Internet Of Things (IoT): Yes (Optional)
Dimension: 30.4 x 18.1 x 8.2 cm
Weight: 12.25 Kgs
Open Circuit Voltage: DC 25V
Max. Charge Current: 30A
Battery Charge Voltage: DC 14.3V ± 4%/ DC 28.6V ± 4%
BATTERY (Optional)
Normal Voltage: DC 12V/ 24V
Capacity: 2 x 100 A/HR
Life Cycle: >200 Times
DIN Type Battery: 5.2 L
Terminal Type: B2
Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ +50°C
Dimensions: 925 x 330 x 25 mm
Weight: 12 kg

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