Automaxx 300W Grid-Tie Inverter


Go Green, Live Green
✅ Weather Resistant
✅ Adjustable Timer System
✅ MPPT + Battery Included
✅ Self-Sufficient Street Light
✅ Auto Adjust LED Light Brightness
✅ Auto + Mechanical Breaking System

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✅ Feature:
Automaxx packs many features into one smart compact design. This is a 300W grid-tie inverter that is built with metal for better cooling management with an LCD status display screen.

✅ Protection:
The inverter has numerous amount of protection settings such as abnormal warning, low input voltage, high input voltage, output overload, short circuit, and high-temperature protection.

✅ Input & Output:
The inverter doesn’t only convert the DC to AC but it can read your house’s AC outlet on the wall’s power and convert it to the same AC power and feed it back to the grid.

✅ Advantages:
The inverter is used in areas where solar panels are installed along with an AC wall outlet. It provides additional electricity back onto the grid so when you use electricity from your AC outlet, it uses the electricity that has been stored in the grid before using the grid’s electricity.

1 x 300W Grid-Tie Inverter
1 x AC Output Cable
1 x DC Input Cable (1x Black and 1x Red)
2 x Baseplate
4 x Screw
1 x Instruction Manual
Model Number: UP-8P6C
Max. Continuous Power: 300W
DC Input Voltage​: 24V (19~41V) / 48V (37~63V)
Input Fuse​: 120V / 230V
No Load Current: ≦0.1A
Input Fuse​: 1 x 20A / 1 x 10A
AC Output Fuse: 1 x 250V, 10A
AC Output Power Factor: > 0.9
AC Output THD*: < 5%
Protection: Short Circuit Overload
Output Overload
Low Voltage
High Voltage
Over Temperature​
Dimension:   27 x 18 x 8 cm
Weight: 1.7 Kgs

*THD: Total Harmonic Distortion

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