Automaxx Windmill 400W Home & Land Wind Turbine Generator Kit


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✅ 【Durable and Portable】Marine-grade materials withstand salt and UV damage. Portable at 22lbs for flexible installation.
✅ 【Effective Generation】Generate 400W of 12V DC power even at low 6.7mph winds. Versatile for marine, home, farm, and off-grid use.
✅ 【Environmentally Responsible】Utilize wind power for clean energy, decrease emissions, and cut down on expenses.
✅ 【Optimized Control】MPPT controller maximizes battery charging efficiency. Safety features for worry-free operation.
✅ 【Easy Installation & Care】Effortless setup, needing only occasional checks and lubrication for maintenance.

📢 Please note, our app is exclusive to the Bluetooth edition models and is not compatible with other versions

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Feature Highlights

  • The 400W wind turbine was designed with space saving in mind (Homes, parks, farms etc…)
  • Easy 1 person installation, takes less than an hour to set up (minimal installation cost)
  • Less than 22lbs once fully installed (can be easily carried by 1 adult)
  • MPPT controller maximizes battery charging efficiency. Safety features for worry-free operation.
  • Customizing our wind turbine for maximum electrical generating output
  • Automaxx 400W wind turbine is Made in Taiwan and delivers up to 15% more in electric generating performance
  • Made with infused fibreglass to obtain high durability and lightweight property
  • 3 pillars of Automaxx’s combination of lightweight durable fiberglass infused blades, 3-phase permanent magnet synchronous AC generator and built in charge controller equals to incredible performance

Discover more through your phone : Keep Track of Watt’s Important (Bluetooth version only)

  • Free to download (iOS and Android)
  • Live Wattage and Amperage readings
  • View Total Wattage generated
  • Switch control for braking system

Easy DIY installation setup: All the tools needed for setup is provided

  • We provide you with all the nuts, bolts and tools you need to set up your wind turbine correctly
  • Standard 48,3 mm pole is used to mount the wind turbine (purchase for normal hardware store)
  • 7 easy steps for installation
  • Easy to operate
1 x Turbine
3 x Blades
1 x Nose Cone
1 x Amp Meter
1 x Brake Switch (Manual Stop Switch)
3 x Spare Blades
1 x Spare Nose Cone
1 x Accessory Pack


Max. Output PowerRated SpeedDiameter of Mounting HubGenerator Type
400W28 mph/ 12.5 m/s1.9 inchesPermanent Magnet brushless
Rated Load CurrentRecommended Battery CapacityWeightBlade Material
25A100A/Hr.22 lbsNylon + Glass Fiber
Output VoltageCut-In Wind Speed Spinning DiameterBattery Protection Voltage
12V6.7mph / 3m/s4ft / 1.22m14.7V
Charging EfficiencyOver Speed BrakingNumber of Blades Warranty
≥ 90%≥ 1250RPM32 Year


Q: What can a 400 watt wind turbine power?

A: With the Automaxx 400W wind turbine, you can power a range of everyday electrical devices and appliances. It’s perfect for lighting up your outdoor spaces with energy efficient LED lights, charging your electronic devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. However the power output from a wind turbine depends on the wind speed, battery bank system and inverter. With a larger capacity battery bank and inverter you would be able to power more electric appliances.

Q: Do 400 watt wind turbines put out AC or DC?

A: The AC power generated by Automaxx’s 400W wind turbine undergoes conversions to DC power using the integrated charge controller. This DC power is subsequently stored in a battery bank for future utilization.

Q: How many amps does a 400W wind turbine produce?

A: The maximum output of Automaxx 400W wind turbines is 33 amps. The amplitude of amperage generated is contingent upon several variables, including wind velocity, wire gauge, wire length and battery capacity.

Q: How does a 400W wind turbine compare to other sizes in terms of efficiency and performance?

A: Our 400W wind turbines stand out for their impressive efficiency and performance. While larger turbines may offer higher power output, our compact 400W turbines are specifically engineered to excel in moderate wind conditions. They strike the perfect balance, providing optimal energy production in areas with consistent and moderate wind speeds.

Q: What is the expected lifespan of a 400W wind turbine?

A: When it comes to longevity, our 400W wind turbines are built to last. With rigorous quality control measures and durable materials, our turbines boast an average lifespan of 20 years or more. This extended lifespan ensures you enjoy years of reliable and cost-effective renewable energy generation.

Q: What are the maintenance requirements for a 400W wind turbine?

A: We understand the importance of hassle-free ownership, which is why our 400W wind turbines require minimal maintenance. Our turbines feature robust components and innovative design elements that reduce the need for frequent servicing. Routine inspections and occasional lubrication are all that’s needed to keep your turbine operating at peak efficiency.

Q: How much space is needed to install a 400W wind turbine?

A: Our 400W wind turbines are designed with compactness in mind, making them ideal for installations where space is a consideration. With their small footprint and efficient design, our turbines can be easily integrated into various settings, including residential properties, farms, and off-grid applications.

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