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Unleash the Power of the Wind | 2 Years Warranty
Made In Taiwan

To A Greener Future

Step into a world of innovative sustainability with Automaxx, where our commitment to pioneering wind turbine technology. As leaders in harnessing the power of wind energy, we’re dedicated to shaping a cleaner, brighter tomorrow by generating renewable power efficiently and sustainably. Join us on this journey towards environmental harmony, where our state-of-the-art turbines propel us toward a future where clean energy prevails, making a positive impact on the world one rotation at a time.

Unleash the Power of the Wind | 2-Year Warranty | Made In Taiwan

Applications of Automaxx Wind Turbine

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Voice from Automaxx Customers

Great Follow-up, and Nice Product
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I have several Internet repeater sites that are primarily solar powered. During the wintertime short days and stormy weather I've had to take a Honda generator to these remote locations to top off the batteries. Recently I added this wind turbine (see attached pic) and it's solved my power shortage. Typically when it's not sunny it's windy so it's worked out to be a good combination. The unit was not difficult to install, and all appears to be made out of high quality materials, like stainless steel bolts and nuts.
James R. Mcgregor
Great so far!
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Was easy to assemble, used this turbine with the hybrid Pikasola solar & wind charge controller, the braking system works well. It’s generating plenty of power, I am right on the lake getting lots of winds out of the north / north west. I used a 6’ 2” steel schedule 40 pipe for the sleeve, slid a 1.5” schedule 40 down into the 2” so I can slide the turbine up and down to service… and install it. Drilled 2 3/8” holes in the 2” pipe for brass tap screws to support the 1.5” pipe at any height. The unit works great, been up for a month, I’ll report back.
Blue Skies
First windmill and loving it!
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This is my first windmill and I just love it. I do have solar panels but they just lay there and don't move, although they are putting out power but with a windmill you can actually see something going on at least when the wind is blowing. It does seem to be very well constructed and I'm looking forward to many years of enjoyable use. The nice thing about this is the sun doesn't have to be out to create usable power and is a great addition to solar power. Also the people at Digisine are very good in helping you out.
Carol A. Carpenter
Wind mill 400 watt wind gen.
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Haven't had much wind yet but it charges even with a light breeze. Best info on putting it up and the notch for the blades was brilliant. Also I love the humm . much better then others I've had. I'm 69 and did most of the work my self so any body should be able to do it. The dogs were nervous at first but they got used to it. I really like the volt meter. I would recommend to all my friends
Haven't had to use the generator once this winter
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We live off grid in Alaska. We have solar panels that work well in the summer but in the winter not so well with the shorter days. Before we bought this we had to run our generator quite often. Since installing the windmill we haven't used the generator once. In fact there are many days when we have more power than we can use. It was also really simple to put up. For the price you can't beat it.
Works great charges my batteries after just a short run
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Works great to charge my batteries after just a short run. Charges anytime I have enough wind .It charges when my solar panels don't have enough sun.

Putting A Small Wind Turbine On Your Roof

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