Estimating Annual Energy Output

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Estimating the annual energy output of a wind turbine involves considering several factors, including the turbine’s capacity, location, wind resource, and efficiency. Here are the steps to estimate the annual energy output of a wind turbine:

Determine Turbine Capacity (Rated Power)

Automaxx has a wide variety of rated capacity of the wind turbine to select from (400W – 600W – 1,500W). The rated capacity represents the maximum power output the turbine can generate.

Assess Wind Resource

Gather wind data for the location where the wind turbine will be installed. You need information on average wind speeds at various heights above ground level (typically measured at hub height, where the turbine’s rotor is located). This data is essential for estimating energy production accurately.

Wind resource data can often be obtained from local weather stations, online wind resource maps, or through a professional wind assessment.

Determine Capacity Factor

The capacity factor is a key factor in estimating annual energy output. It accounts for the percentage of time the wind turbine operates at or near its rated capacity. The capacity factor depends on the wind resource at the location.

Calculate Annual Energy Output

Use the following formula to estimate the annual energy output:

Annual Energy Output (kWh) = Rated Capacity (kW) × Capacity Factor (%) × 8760 hours (hours in a year)

Adjust for Site-Specific Factors

Consider any site-specific factors that may affect turbine performance, such as nearby obstacles (trees, buildings), terrain, and local wind patterns. These factors can impact the actual energy output.

Maintenance and Downtime

Keep in mind that wind turbines may require periodic maintenance, and they may experience downtime for repairs or servicing. These factors can also affect the annual energy production.If you have any questions relating to Automaxx wind turbines and Automaxx’s Ampere meter, please don’t hesitate to contact our support

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