What’s the difference between on-site and off-site?

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The difference between on-site and off-site wind turbines lies in their location and purpose within a larger energy generation context:

On-Site Wind Turbines

  • Location: On-site wind turbines are located at the same physical location as the energy consumer or the facility that requires electricity. They are typically installed on the property of a home, business, farm, or industrial facility. The energy generated by these turbines is primarily intended to meet the energy needs of that specific site.
  • Purpose: On-site wind turbines are installed primarily to provide power directly to the facility where they are located. They are used to supplement or replace a portion of the electricity that would otherwise be sourced from the grid. This can result in energy cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint for the on-site operation.
  • Ownership: On-site wind turbines are owned and operated by the entity or individual responsible for the property where they are installed. The energy generated is for their own consumption, and any excess electricity can sometimes be fed back into the grid for a credit or compensation, depending on local regulations (net metering).
  • Scale: These turbines can vary in size, from small residential models to larger commercial or industrial turbines, depending on the energy needs of the site.

Off-Site Wind Turbines

  • Location: Off-site wind turbines are located away from the energy consumer’s site. They are typically part of a larger wind farm or utility-scale wind energy project, often situated in areas with high wind potential. The electricity generated by these turbines is sent directly into the electrical grid.
  • Purpose: The primary purpose of off-site wind turbines is to contribute to the overall generation of electricity for a larger region, city, or grid network. They do not provide power directly to a specific on-site facility but instead supply electricity to the broader community or energy market.
  • Ownership: Off-site wind turbines are owned and operated by energy companies, utilities, or wind farm developers. They are responsible for selling the electricity generated to various consumers, including residential, commercial, and industrial customers.
  • Scale: Off-site wind turbines are typically larger and part of utility-scale wind farms designed to generate significant amounts of electricity. They are often installed in areas with consistent and strong wind resources.

Based on the description above, Mimitakara wind turbines are considered to be On-Site Wind Turbines as will be located on the same physical location as you the energy consumer.

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